Thursday, February 26, 2015

How Can You Rearrange Your Basement - Bar Ideas

If you live in a house with basement / cellar, which still has a floor, one of the best investments you can do would be to set up an inside bar. It is true that, it's a luxury that not everyone can afford it, but can substantially increase the value of a house. In principle, the addition of such a bar in the house automatically creates a space for leisure with friends or family, plus it can be used, and as a place for dinner, or even learn or work.

What must be understood from the beginning is that for the construction of a bar to be possible, the basement must be well isolated against moisture, that to prevent mold or dampness. There are dehumidifiers that can help in this regard, practically dry walls.

Fireplaces For Your Home

Today, most heating systems rely on radiators and pipes in floor or wall or even the newest infrared. However, the heat of the fire in its primary form is irreplaceable, because the yield is almost 100%, which is why a fireplace would be preferable to the detriment of any other heat sources.

It's understandable that not all modern fireplaces are fueled with wood. In metropolitan areas are quite difficult to obtain and store the wood, plus when stored in the house, they occupy a large part of living space, which is not exactly ok if medium or small homes.

Summer Outdoor Decorations for your Home

Regarding the exterior, you will see that the majority decorations presented below revolve around a few common elements, namely outdoor pools and elevated fireplaces and outdoor jacuzzi sites. Beautiful, isn't it? If the pools were not necessarily new, elevated fireplaces are a real phenomenon becoming increasingly widespread among new houses built or under construction.

Cool and Modern Showers

Showers, increasingly present in our lives, came to replace classical bathtubs, most often due to a lack of space. However, as you will see in showers collection of models that I made it for you, there is always a shower means a smaller space, on the contrary.

Rustic Style

Do you know why is so interesting and beautiful about rustic style? Because successfully combines the natural beauty of things with a life that more and more of us have nothing in contact. It's understandable why rustic style is associated with a warm and comfortable home, even if not as equipped as ultra homes equipped with the latest technology.

And yet, as this style, at least in its classical version tends to disappear, a combination of rustic and contemporanism is becoming more popular among passionate community of interior design and architecture.

There are several ways you can get a nice visual effect: the use of wood in its natural state (unpolished, but treated against moisture and micro-organisms) or as a 'wallpaper', the cross or even the floor up the use of hunting trophies and retro elements specific to rural (wooden crates, for example).

How Can We Turn The Attic Into A Living Space

As the number of family members increases, the available area measured in square meters per person decreases significantly. Therefore, today we talk about how we can turn the attic into a room that can be used as a living, but also as a bedroom, according to needs and preferences. Depending on the height, we can even speak of a final product consisting of one or more rooms that don't even look like it went through some transformation.

The biggest problem in attics where V is the shape of the ceiling, which reduces much of the living space, especially if the ceiling height is reduced to below average height. Must remember that it doesn't  necessarily matter than when actually there is no place for a person to be able to stand on at least 50% of the surface. In terms of furniture solutions are sufficient, but only if there is a desire to adapt to new living conditions.