Monday, March 2, 2015

Break Bread in Beauty: Amazing Dinning Room

The dining room is one of the most public areas of a house. It is not just where you may eat dinner with your immediate family, but also where you bring friends, loved ones, and long lost relatives to reconnect over food. With the dining room holding such importance, it is no surprise that many people put a great deal of time into designing and styling the space.

Interior Kitchen with Granite

Granite is a massive magmatic rocks that form at great depths below ground. Being a very hard material, supporting very large weights and having an incredible resistance to shock, acids or other caustic solutions, granite is widely used in making floors and countertops for kitchen or bathroom. Granite is available in many shades: from simple black, golden, silver, blue, brown, cream, green, being on different mineral composition. The different textures and colors makes granite the perfect product for floors, countertops and other bodies.

Pet Furniture With Hidden Storage

Would you like to have all your pet’s needs organized in a single place, or control your dog’s meals by simply opening and closing a drawer?  We recently ran across this Pet Feeding Hutch designed by Bailey Fine Pet Furniture, which can do all those things above. Handcrafted from solid pine, the unit has a total of three drawers, two of which you can fill up with your pet’s favorite toys, medication, food and so on. The bottom one features two incorporated bowls-for water and food. With a feeding surface (platter) situated 10” above floor surface, your pet will not be able to play with food, reducing spilling and mess altogether. The overall appearance of the unit works great with a rustic or vintage interior.

Room Designs for Teen Boys

Designing a room for your teenage boy isn’t as difficult as it seems. The key is knowing what his hobbies are and what he likes to do with his time. Involve your teen in the design process so you can come up with a cool design that you both can agree on.
Most of the rooms have a distinctive “teenage boy” element such as a punching bag, a miniature or a plane, a gaming device and so on. We particularly enjoy the themed rooms, such as the military interior. Sometimes all you really need is a little inspiration and once you’ve found it, your teenage boy room project will quickly come together. We hope that this post gave you the inspiration you were looking for.